Today we have added new functionality that will help you to sync with eBay's item location policy.

As some non-API users report that ebay started in flagging accounts (Flagged as Dropshippers).

We have determined it is related to orders tracking information addresses that do not match their registered item location. We have added an option to replace the tracking with marked as shipped without adding the tracking data.

This way, there will be no reference to compare your accounts for being sent from different Amazon locations, thus protecting you from being flagged.

You do need to take into consideration two facts:

  1. Items marked as shipped will increase Item not received (INR) cases.

  2. PayPal may hold the funds for orders that do not report as delivered sometimes up 21 days.

The above is manageable,

  1. Amazon is forgiven for INR cases and will refund/reimburse you most of the time, so INR loss should be rare.

  2. If you communicate with the buyer and ask for positive feedback, the funds will be released within 24 hours from PayPal. So focusing on getting feedback from a customer will not only release your funds, it will boost your feedback much quicker and your store performance.

To enable mark as shipped only:

In the Global settings:

  1. Select the account

  2. Go to the Selling Preferences, Mark Shipped/Dispatched only!

  3. Switch to Enable.

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