Hi Everyone,

We have exciting news to share!

We have added support for new tracking sites, similar to Blue Care Express.

Starting today, you can select to encapsulate your tracking information of AMZL or ALL your orders with new tracking numbers directing to a new system site that shows the actual tracking source to help your buyers an easy way to follow your shipping progress.

Not only that, but the order tracking can also be synched with the item location you set for your items if you choose to.

You have now four tracking schema to choose from:

  • Convert All to SF

  • Convert AMZL to SF

  • Convert AMZL to BCE

  • Mark Shipped only!

  • Convert All to SF- SaleFreaks will convert Amazon Logistic (AMZL) + All other couriers - to a dedicated SF tracking number (most recommended for non-API).

  • Convert AMZL to SF - SaleFreaks will convert only Amazon Logistic (AMZL/TBA) tracking to a dedicated SF tracking number.

  • Convert AMZL to BCE - SaleFreaks will convert only Amazon Logistic (AMZL/TBA) tracking to a dedicated BlueCare Express tracking number.

  • Mark Shipped only! - shipped ebay orders will only be marked as shipped without the attached tracking and carrier information.

Here is an example of new tracking progress:


Tracking numbers will bounce between different sites randomly.

Here is another site:


In the coming weeks, we will add more tracking sites.

How to set it up:

Default is AMZL converted to BCE as shown below:

Click the drop-down to choose the desired schema

To complete the setup it is recommended to set the item location according to the ebay items location you have already had set up, you may choose a free text like London, GB or Huston, TX

For new accounts added this setting is part of the account registration as shown below:

Attention: New tracking system is not a Verified eBay Courier this means tracking cannot be validated by ebay and eventually will lose top-rated seller, however not using the new system will cause losing the top-rated plus reduce exposure on ebay

More site development are on the way, we will keep you updated.

We hope you find this new ability improves your selling experience.

Thank you,

The SF Team

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