Hi Everyone,

We are excited to release new updates to our version focused on the upcoming holidays.

  1. Event Calendar:

On the dashboard, you will notice a new calendar added where all significant holidays and events are documented.

When clicking on one calendar event, a pop-up will show the event description and ideas of what people look at in buying on that event.

You will also notice at the bottom, a link that will direct you to the Amazon site.

This link can be used to scan through the locator for that particular event. It is mostly to inspire you and give you ideas on what potential buyers are looking to purchase for that event.

For each event, you will find a suggestion that was analyzed and selected by the SaleFreaks team.

2. Multiple ebay account listing

This feature will allow you to list items between your stores without going over each store manually and selecting the items you wish to list there.

For example, if you have a compiled list of 200 items and you have 10 ebay stores. By selecting all or some stores, the listing generator will divide those 200 items between your stores.

So if you selected 10 stores and assuming all listing will successfully be listed (won't fall on VERO or out of stock, for example), then, once completed, 20 items will end up listed on each of your ebay stores.

That's a great option to automate the process of listing on multiple accounts effectively.

This option available on Listing Wizard and through the main Listing Generator, which means it will also work with your import items and Locator scans

Listing Wizard:

Listing Generator:

3. AutoOrder for Walmart is now supporting gift card balance

We have released support for Walmart gift card balance. This means starting today, our auto-order system knows to read your Walmart gift card balance on your Walmart account and process the orders using the gift cards.

Previously our auto-order processed orders only using a credit card, now we support both options.

So you can now enjoy your Walmart discounted gift cards to process the orders.

We hope you will find all those essential features fruitful and meaningful for your success.

We wish you great success and happy holidays on the upcoming events.

The SF team

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