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Release Notes 20/10/20
Release Notes 20/10/20

Costco UK Locator

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Hi Everyone,

It's us again; just before the holidays, we released a Locator/Listing Wizard for Costco UK.

It means you may now scan profitable top-sellers to source from Costco UK.

Here is a reminder on how to use the locator, this time with Costco UK:

Select a search phrase, like in this example Kitchen Appliances

The result on Costco would be this, 107 products found

Feel free to experiment with different search phrases.

to the locator search argument and select Costco UK as the supplier. Don't forget to choose the search & compare option. Click the Scan Now button.

As soon as the scan has ended, go to the locator, filter profitable items, and select the ones you wish you to list by exporting them to the listing generator.

Here is an example of a profitable item that sells well on ebay.

When clicking VIEW on ebay item and Costco item it will help you confirm those are identical items and the profit is realistic.

Ebay item

Matched Costco item

We will be releasing a complementary tool to the Costco locator, Costco auto-order!

Keep looking for our next update.

Happy selling

The SF team!

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