Hi Everyone,

We have added a new important feature to the purchase issues page.

You are now able to select a specific Amazon account you wish our Auto-order will fulfill your order.

Here are a few examples that you may find this option useful:

  1. If you have an issue where you have reached a limited purchase quantity for a specific product on one of your Amazon accounts, and you wish to trigger the auto-order to go through a different account.

  2. You want to place the order to utilize a standing balance from a specific Amazon account.

  3. You want to fulfill an order from a particular Prime or Non-prime account.

  4. You wish to process an expensive order through your chase discounted credit card connected to a different Amazon account.

To use this feature, go to the purchase issue page:

  1. Choose a specific order and click the action link.

  2. Click on "Order with Specific Account"

3. On the pop-up, select the desired Amazon account and click OK.

Auto-Order will add to the order into the queue, with the selected Amazon account.

The SF team!

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