Hi Everyone,

With all the latest suppliers added, we would like to highlight our Auto-Order and Locator suppliers that we are currently covering:


Amazon SBA/FBA (sold by Amazon/fulfilled by Amazon)

Amazon market place sellers (80% positive feedback)

Amazon warehouse (used item condition up to Like-New items condition)

Walmart (Works both with Gift Cards and Credit Cards)

Ali Express (Credit Cards)

The Home Depot (Credit Cards)

Costco US/UK (Credit Cards)


Amazon (all instances as mentioned above)


The Home Depot


Costco UK

Costco US

We hope this info will help you make better decisions to concentrate on the supplier's option you wish to add to your ebay store.

There is no extra fee for adding multiple suppliers to your accounts, and there is a special discount price for listed items of non-Amazon suppliers.

Thank you,

The SF team

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