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In this quick guide, we will explain how to connect your ebay account to SaleFreaks for the first time.

  1. First, fill in the ebay store name, the tracking method, the item location, City and state, and then the required remote access method.

As soon as completed, click Add Account and we will prepare the dedicated virtual PC. Once ready, we will launch it.

2. The SafeAccess will launch with a welcoming message asking you to sign in to ebay.

3. Insert the ebay password to complete sign in

3. Once signed in, a new Add Account pop-up will appear.

a. Insert the ebay password.

b. Insert ebay policies names exactly as they are showing in ebay. You may click here

to review the policies, and a new tab of ebay policies will appear for quicker filling.

c. As soon as you complete filling the form, click Add Account.

4. A congratulation message will appear. You can now refresh the browser to dismiss the pop-up to continue your work within the SafeAccess window.

Attached is a short video that explains all the above:

Good luck,
The SF Team

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