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Release Notes 07/02/21
Release Notes 07/02/21

Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ) - support

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Hello, SaleFreaks users

We have added an important feature today. We are now scanning newly listed items offline, looking for Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ) type. As soon as we detect these items, we will move those items to be inactive on ebay.

Why is it important?

When a buyer purchase from your ebay store an item pointing to Amazon MOQ, it cannot be backed purchased on the Amazon site in a single quantity. You will be required to buy at least two items of the same kind, even a much larger quantity, in some scenarios.

See the example below:

Having too many MOQ may result in too many order cancelations (because you cannot fulfill these types ) and risk your ebay account.

The MOQ item types are trendy in Amazon UK, less frequent in the US, so this mechanism is enforced only in the UK.

We suggest reviewing your monthly inactive items using the SF advanced filter and removing those items to replace them with more useful items.

We hope you find this feature helpful.

Thank you,

The SF team

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