Dear users,

We have released a new important feature.

This new feature is planned to make your life much more comfortable even further when using the SaleFreaks platform.

It will automatically list your item's to your ebay store without the need to do this yourself manually.

Items that listed on your ebay store are through the Best Seller auto lister are:

  1. ebay Best Sellers.

  2. Amazon sourced items.

  3. Amazon item cost is equal to or below $25.

  4. Items are VERO policy violations *Free

  5. You may control the velocity from a single item listed every three days (default) up to 30 items listed each day.

*at the time of the listing, all top seller items are known to pass VERO violation verification. However, it is advised to monitor your dashboard for newly restricted policy and shreds any standing VERO policy items.

How to turn it on:

If you are qualified for the new auto-lister, a pop will show on the dashboard once your ebay account is active (after setup completion in non-API). You either enable the feature or dismiss the message.

By default, we will list on your store a single top seller item every three days.

We limit the number of items and daily rate listing to protect your account from getting a restriction on a newly added account.

Setting and increasing the rate:

From our experience, to avoid getting your ebay account restricted, we suggest following the guide below:

  1. The first 1-3 weeks - List a single item every three days.

  2. 4-5 weeks - List between 1 or 2 items every two days.

  3. 6-8 weeks - List between 1 or 2 items each day

  4. Starting month 3 - increase the number of items to 3 each day

  5. Every month onward, increase the number of items in 1 or 2 items each day on top of your general listing schema.

For example, in month six, the maximal suggested daily listing number would be nine items.

The maximal daily listing limit and daily rate limit may be configured under the Best Seller Auto Lister section in the global settings. They may be configured for each of your ebay accounts individually.

*Please consider this is only as a recommendation based on our experience but need to take into account ebay may change their risk policy. Ebay, per their discretion, may apply additional restrictions.

To review the listed best items:

  1. Go to the Items page.

  2. Click Advanced filter

  3. Select in the item source, Best Seller auto-lister

  4. Click view items

The SF team

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