Hello Everyone,

It's us again;

We have released a new feature due to an audience request.

Re-adding orders in the Auto-Order system that was previously ordered and required by the user to order again.

Why is if for:

This feature is helpful in circumstances where there is a need to order the same order again in cases for example:

  1. The order was probably executed.

  2. Amazon canceled the order.

  3. We require to ship a replacement to the buyer.

  4. Amazon account got locked, and many orders weren't ship.

This feature will spare you the agony to fulfil the orders manually. And more importantly, to select from which Amazon account to run the re-ordering.

How to use the feature:

Select a specific order, and click Place Order.

As soon as the pop appears, You will notice (on previously ordered orders) a time tag when ordered initially.

As soon as you click *OK, the order will be added to the AO order queue.

Shipped/Purchased orders.

Error/pending/canceled orders.

Managed Accounts (FBS) orders, you have to select other.

* Attention! Do not click OK unless you are certain it is right to place the order again. Make sure to do the proper validation, especially (but not only) for orders in status (The order was probably executed). Ignoring these types of order statuses or re-ordering by mistake the same order may result in a loss of money.

We highly advise you to validate the needful of the re-ordering. SaleFreaks will not reimburse mistaken re-ordering actions.

We hope you will find this feature beneficial for your needs

Happy selling

The SF team!

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