Hello Everyone,

We have released an important feature.

Due to the growing demand to be able to reload balance with other payment options VS. only PayPal. We are now supporting both Credit Card transactions and Payoneer transactions.

Special promotion for SaleFreaks user's for new Payoneer signups!

  • No landing fees, this means any incoming payment coming directly to Payoneer from ebay cost will be zero VS. 1%.

  • Money withdrawal to the bank account is 1.8% instead of 2%.

Credit Card, Reload Balance(US only, coming soon in the UK):

You will be able to enjoy your credit card discount (if applicable) to purchase Managed Accounts balance.

Pay attention the transaction fee is 3% out of the money sent.

How to reload your balance:

Once you click the Pay with CC, You will be redirected to the payment gateway. Fill in the missing information, email, credit card number, card expiration, CVC, name on card, country, and click Save card.

The balance will be reloaded immediately.

Payoneer, Reload Balance:

You will be able to transfer funds from your Payoneer account to purchase Managed Accounts balance (Money is sent directly from Payoneer)

Pay attention the transaction fee is 1% out of the money sent.

How to reload your balance:

Once you sign in to your Payoneer account,

Go to the pay tab, and click Make a Payment

Select the To Recipient Payoneer Account tile

In the recipient details, fill SaleFreaks account, payoneer@salefreaks.com choose the required currency and the amount to reload your balance, click review, Confirm and Pay.

*It may take up to 10 minutes for funds to show in your SF balance.

Monitor and auto-update the balance:

To allow SaleFreaks to monitor your loaded balance, either from PayPal mass pay or through Payoneer, you MUST update the email account name/s you will be using to make the transactions.

How to set it up:

Within the Manage Accounts balance page, go to the section that shows:

"To add or manage your accounts, click here" a popup will show. Just fill in the Payoneer or PayPal account name and click "Add Account's."

If you wish, you can add multiple PayPal or Payoneer accounts by putting a comma between them.

Like David@gmail.com,Sam@gmail.com,Megan@gmail.com

You can also add or edit the information as explained above in the global settings if you wish.

We hope you will find this feature beneficial for your operations.
The SF team.

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