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Release Notes 27/06/21
Release Notes 27/06/21

NEW VAT policy in the UK

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Hello UK Sellers,

For selling goods in the UK, you may be required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) and to collect VAT on your sales.

Effective July 1st, 2021, any VAT registered company must provide their VAT rate for each listing.

This ensures that we can always display the correct VAT-inclusive price to EU or UK buyers and that eBay doesn't collect VAT on an already-VAT inclusive price, which would make your listing uncompetitive. If you did not apply VAT, you can leave this field empty. Where eBay has to collect VAT, we will add this on top of your listing price.

How to set your new ebay listings with VAT on SF platform

  1. Go to the global settings and select the relevant ebay account you wish to add the VAT.

  2. Roll down to the Selling preference section.

  3. In the VAT Identification, choose the VAT value you want to set, for instance, 20% VAT, add in the field 20, and save.

How to set your current ebay listings with VAT on SF platform

To have all your current ebay listings updated with the new VAT value. Please approach chat support. They are trained and will run a listing update job on all your current listings with the requested VAT value.

Have a wonderful week,

The SF team

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